Baku party

15 Jun

Baku party, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Baku seems to be having a party. Not sure why. Dave is too ill to enjoy it, i’m too tired. Baku has been great, but i’m really hoping the ferry to Turkmenistan goes on time, and i can’t wait to get to "the stans".

Old Baku

14 Jun

Old Baku, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Not much of baku seems all that old, but the old bit is quite nice, puts me in mind of a james bond rooftop chase scene. Baku seems to be gearing up for celebrations of some sort, I think tomorrow is a public holiday. Been ripped off with tourist prices all day. Will have to get better at haggling. It’s easy to know when you’re being given inflated prices because 1 manat is about 1 pound. Farid says "the first thing in azerbaijan is the deal". He also said when he first met us and heard that we’d rode our bikes all the way from england, "you guys are f***ing crazy!", so he seems to be pretty much on the ball. Baku is quite hard to navigate, couldn’t find the hotel for a while, but now back in the room for a brief bit of relaxation before meeting up with russell and nathan later.

Baku continues to astound

13 Jun

Baku continues to astound, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Baku is incredible, too hard to describe. A new bolt of astonishment round every corner. Loads of ex pats here, but i bet none of them realise how astounding this place is because they will have flown in and just arrived in a big city, not ridden 5096 miles to get here, passing through the rest of this country and everything leading up to it. I want to live in Baku, and i want a Lada with an air horn that sounds like a police siren. Seems to be de rigeur here. That or a big merc with blacked out windows and your hazard lights flashing, hand permanently on the horn button.